Our collaboration

433 and Young Translators have been working together for a year now. Young Translators provides the subtitling for the Instagram and YouTube videos produced by 433.

433 posts daily videos on Instagram and YouTube about the current events in the soccer industry. With 64 million followers on all their platforms and 2 billion views every month, we are honoured to provide subtitling translations for 433.

Interviews with soccer players are translated into English from Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, so all 64 million followers can watch the interviews.

Wishes and solutions


First wish


Second wish


Third wish


While the transcription is underway, the project team is already informed of the translation. This makes sure the transition is smooth and delivery times are faster.


Young Translators makes sure the transcription is translated by a translator with a passion for soccer.

This translation is provided according to the usual quality control process.


The translations are delivered in .SRT files to enable 433 to easily incorporate these into their videos.

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About 433

433 is the largest online soccer community in the world, has the highest fan engagement on the internet and is the largest online sports medium worldwide. They produce unique soccer-related content, mostly on Instagram and YouTube. This type of content was unknown to the wider public before the arrival of 433. They are always on top of things whenever a transfer, goal or other important event happens. They create content with global soccer stars, including interviews and challenges. They show followers all sides of the sport, from background stories and remarkable anecdotes from the soccer world, to videos of incredible goals and heart-warming moments.

"433 is very happy with the collaboration offered by Young Translators. Translations are always of good quality and our wishes are carefully considered. Subtitling a video correctly may sound simple to some people, but experience tells us errors are inevitable when it is done by unqualified people. All in all a positive experience."

Carlo Scholtens

Director at 433

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