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Our collaboration

Final Film and Young Translators collaborate on translating and communicating different crypto projects internationally. Final Film makes promotional videos for the projects and Young Translators translates the texts.

Since the introduction of DeFi (Decentralised Finance), crypto projects are springing up everywhere. Final Film provides the video marketing for these projects. It mostly concerns videos where the concept of the crypto project is presented in an easy and entertaining way.

These videos are often translated to Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese and Thai, because large crypto communities located there have a limited understanding of English. This way, Young Translators helps investors find projects in their native language.

The approach


First wish


Second wish

1. Feedback

Kevin, besides being in an active role at Young Translators, also provides marketing and business development advice for crypto projects. He gave feedback to Final Film about the scripts for the videos of Debio and Octopus Network.

2. Translation

Specialist translations require specific knowledge. Young Translators delivers high-quality crypto translations because they understand the texts completely.

About Final Film

Besides many crypto projects, Final Film also helps other companies with their video marketing. Think of Royal Dutch Shell, Forum Groningen and Trendship. Due to their eye for detail and endless creativity, Final Film is growing at an impressive rate.

Final Film
"Thanks to his expertise, Kevin gave me feedback and editing/writing advice on my English-written voice-over script for two crypto projects: Octopus Network and Debio. I only had to deliver the base English version and Kevin sent me the translated versions back. We had our script translated to multiple languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, French, etc. We have had a very positive experience with Kevin and his team. I recommend Young Translators for their experience and dedicated work ethic to everyone who needs high-quality copy editing, translations or feedback."

Ralf Djojomoenawi

Decentralized Finance Project Manager at FinalFilm Crypto

Want to attract more investors, just like Octopus Network and Debio Netwok?

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