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Our collaboration

Young Translators has been a go-to translation partner of TEAM Inc. Young Translators is responsible for all translations from and into European languages.

A large company such as TEAM Inc. has a lot of specialist texts translated for both internal and external communication. This includes newsletters, quality and safety bulletins and various procedures.

Translating these texts requires in-depth knowledge of industrial engineering, and for this reason, Young Translators has a customised test process to recruit a specialist translation team. This way, we make sure that TEAM Inc. is provided with a consistent quality in their multilingual communication.

Wishes and solutions


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Specialised translation team

TEAM Inc. came to Young Translators for technical, marketing and legal translations. They indicated that specific expert knowledge and word choice are very important to them. We then decided to develop specialist translation tests for marketing, legal and technical translations by an expert in the field, so TEAM Inc. is ensured of the best translations.

Quick turnover times

TEAM Inc. expects high volumes of translations to be delivered quickly, and this is one of the reasons why we set up translation teams for each language combination and specialisation.


For TEAM Inc., it is important that both internal and external communications are clear and consistent. For terminology, we maintain a glossary during the translation and make use of translation memory. A consistent writing style is ensured by making a writing style analysis for each project. This makes TEAM Inc.'s communication clear and consistent.

About TEAM Inc.

TEAM Inc. is a multinational company specialising in industrial engineering. They provide these services to a wide variety of clients in the (petro-) chemical industry, maritime sector, civil engineering and construction companies. The services they provide are mainly maintenance, improvements and repairs of industrial infrastructure.

TEAM Inc. has offices in more than 220 locations worldwide and collaborates with more than 7,500 employees.

“Because we had set up a large project Europe-wide, we were looking for a translation agency to handle our employee instructions. After posting an advertisement on LinkedIn, we received an enthusiastic response from Young Translators. They provided us with a positive quote and were awarded the contract. We were given a clear deadline which was kept to as promised. The quality of the translation was also perfectly in order. In the future, we will certainly make use of Young Translators for our future translations!”

Mara Oele

Training Officer Europe, TEAM Inc.

Young Translators is also your go-to agency for large volumes of translations and special requests. Curious about the possiblities?

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